Hot Stones Massage

Hot stones massage

During this massage the body is massaged with hands and heated volcanic stones (usually made of basalt). Stones are also placed on specific acupuncture points of the body. The heat – in combination with the massaging movements – not only provides deep relaxation, but also stimulation of the blood circulation, elimination of toxins and relief of various physical complaints.

Our hot stones massages

Type of roomTimePrice
Single room60 minutes€ 90,00
Single room90 minutes€ 120,00
Single room120 minutes€ 155,00
Dual room
(2 persons / 2 beds in 1 room)
60 minutes€ 170,00
Dual room
(2 persons / 2 beds in 1 room)
90 minutes€ 230,00
Dual room
(2 persons / 2 beds in 1 room)
120 minutes€ 290,00

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