Thai Massage

Thai massage in Amsterdam has become increasingly popular in recent years. Compared to other massages, it works a little differently. During the Thai massage in Amsterdam, the body will be stretched and massaged. The focus is on several points, which relieve various pain points. You will notice that your body experiences more peace.

Thai massage is a true relaxation at Na Thai Spa

We can imagine that you want to take some time for yourself. Amsterdam is a lively city. Because of this, we experience a lot of stimuli and we are alert to the things happening around us. We would like to help you maintain your inner peace by offering Thai massages. The massage takes one hour, one and a half hours, or two hours. You can also experience a Thai massage in Amsterdam together with your friend, girlfriend, or family member in a room with two massage tables. Now that’s a fun activity!

Our traditional Thai massages

Type of roomTimePrice
Single room45 minutes€ 60,00
Single room60 minutes€ 70,00
Single room90 minutes€ 99,00
Single room120 minutes€ 130,00
Dual room
(2 persons / 2 beds in 1 room)
30 minutes€ 85,00
Dual room
(2 persons / 2 beds in 1 room)
60 minutes€ 130,00
Dual room
(2 persons / 2 beds in 1 room)
90 minutes€ 190,00
Dual room
(2 persons / 2 beds in 1 room)
120 minutes€ 250,00

Thai massage in Amsterdam, what effect does it have?

The effects achieved by Thai massage in Amsterdam is unique. It is relaxing, but it also activates. The Thai massage provides energy by stimulating the blood circulation and lymphatic system. It also reduces depressive feelings and stress.

The techniques of Thai massage in Amsterdam

Each massage uses different techniques and involves different parts of the body. During the Thai massage in Amsterdam, the whole body is massaged and stretched. We also use yoga techniques during the massage. That is why Thai massage is also called ‘lazy yoga’.

Give your body the care it need at Na Thai Spa

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