Seven Chakra Massage

Seven Chakra Massage

Chakras are an ancient concept that originates from Indian tradition and are considered the energy centers of the human body. The word “chakra” comes from the Sanskrit word meaning “wheel” or “disk.” These spinning wheels of energy are located along the spine, and each chakra is believed to correspond to a different aspect of our physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Balancing the chakras is essential for achieving overall well-being, and a seven-chakra massage is a great way to achieve this balance.

The Chakra Massage is a type of holistic therapy that helps to balance the seven spiritual centres of energy that govern various emotional issues; from our survival instincts and self-esteem to our ability to communicate and experience love.

During a seven-chakra massage, the therapist will work on each of the seven chakras, starting from the root chakra located at the base of the spine and working up to the crown chakra located at the top of the head. The therapist will use different massage techniques, such as deep tissue massage, acupressure, and lymphatic drainage, to release tension and blockages from each chakra.

When any one of the seven chakras becomes blocked or out of balance, it can lead to physical, mental and emotional issues. During a Seven Chakra Massage session, the therapist uses massage techniques to release tension and blockages that have hindered the the flow of energy through the seven chakras. This helps to create a sense of balance and can bring about profound healing and clarity.

The chakra system is said to be aligned with each of the elements. The root chakra (red) called muladhara is connected to the earth. The sacral chakra (orange) called svadhisthana is associated with water. The solar plexus chakra (yellow) called manipura connects with fire. The heart chakra (green) called anahata associates with air. The throat chakra (blue) called vishuddha with sound, and the third eye chakra (indigo) called ajna with light. The last chakra is known as the crown chakra (crown of the head, violet). This chakra is called sahasrara and is different because it is not associated with any element. The crown chakra is pure life force that needs to flow freely because it transcends the physical body and material things.

The root chakra is associated with grounding and survival instincts, while the sacral chakra is linked to creativity and sexuality. The solar plexus chakra is connected to personal power and self-esteem, while the heart chakra governs love and compassion. The throat chakra is associated with communication and self-expression, and the third eye chakra is linked to intuition and spiritual insight. Finally, the crown chakra is the highest chakra and is considered the gateway to enlightenment and spiritual awakening.

When the chakras are balanced, energy flows freely throughout the body, leading to improved physical, mental, and emotional health. A balanced root chakra can help you feel grounded and secure, while a balanced sacral chakra can enhance your creativity and passion. A balanced solar plexus chakra can boost your confidence and self-esteem, while a balanced heart chakra can help you feel more connected to others. A balanced throat chakra can improve your communication skills, while a balanced third eye chakra can enhance your intuition and inner wisdom. Finally, a balanced crown chakra can help you feel more connected to the divine and experience a sense of oneness with all things.

The benefits of a seven-chakra massage include reduced stress and tension, improved circulation and sleep, enhanced mental clarity and focus, and feeling better both physically and emotionally.

If you’re looking for a holistic therapy that can help you achieve overall well-being, consider booking a seven-chakra massage at Na Thai Spa in Amsterdam.

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Seven Chakra Massage

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Single room60 minutes€ 99,00
Chakra Clearing Massage & Therapy90 minutes€ 135,00

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The best Massage place in the city. All their staff is very good and helpful. I'm going there for 4 years, did not have any problems. Definitely recommended.
Metehan Ağaca
Ein sehr guter Thai Massage Salon am Grachtengürtel von Amsterdam. Die Damen machen einen sehr guten Job und führen auch die Wünsche, etwas fester auch die tieferliegenden Muskeln und Faszien aufzulockern, aus. Einzig ein Windfang an der Tür wäre vorteilhaft wenn bei kalten Außentemperaturen die Kälte sehr schnell in die erste Kabine vordringt.
Martin Haberl
Momo is an excellent massage therapist. Even though I arrived very tired with only 4 hours sleep, I felt reborn thanks to her. Cozy and and friendly environment. Only thing that can be improved is that rooms can be more soundproof, but it's a minor thing in my opinion.
Zehra Merve Karaman
I when with my boyfriend to have a couple massage, one mix betwwen relax and THai. I highly recommend this places. They are supre profesional and even more real than being in Thailand. Special Mention to MOMO. the best!
Esther Martín Márquez
I used to work here before. I can confirm that the bedsheets at this salon are newly changed in every single session and then will be washed after one-time use.
BEST massage I've ever had from Amsterdam to LA, hands down!! HIGHLY recommend. I went for as an hour and a half and I could've stayed all day!!
Nicole Lima
War meine beste Massage die ich je hatte. Ich kann die freundliche und kompetente Dame Ann herzlichst empfehlen. Werde mit Sicherheit noch einmal hingehen. Danke Ann :)
Gregor Aleksanyan
I've had so many massages, having lived in thailand, I can't count. Very good quality thai massage here at Na Thai Spa. 10 out of 10.
Emma T

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