Chakra clearing massage & therapy

Chakra clearing massage & therapy

Chakra Clearing Massage & therapy

Chakra Clearing Massage and Inner Guidance Counselling Therapy

Unprocessed thoughts and emotions, often times, cause Chakra imbalance thus blockage of energy flow. A clearing of this life force passage can promote healthy body, mind and soul. This therapy session combines 60 min Crystal Healing Massage unblocking space for energy to flow through each chakras, allowing your consciousness to rise up thus manifesting from higher-self. Together with 30 min Inner Guidance Counselling Therapy using Wings of Soulsister Card Deck by Soulful Coach Therapist, Sherrie as a medium tool to receive messages from your inner guidance for clarity and wisdom. A selflove therapy suitable for regular energy renewal.

Chakra clearing massage & therapy

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Single room90 minutes€ 135,00

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