Candle Massage

Immerse yourself in the sensory bliss of our newest offering at Na Thai Spa, the Candle Massage. This unique treatment combines the therapeutic benefits of massage with the soothing properties of essential oils, all delivered through the medium of a gently melted, fragrant candle.

At the heart of the Candle Massage is a specially crafted candle made from a blend of natural fragrances and pure essential oils. As the candle melts under controlled heat, it transforms into a warm, aromatic oil. This oil, rich with the nourishing properties of the candle’s ingredients, becomes the medium for your massage.

Your therapist will apply the warm oil to your body in long, gentle strokes, inviting your muscles to relax and your tension to melt away. The heat from the oil helps to further relax the muscles and stimulate circulation, increasing the effectiveness of the massage.

But candle massage isn’t just about touch. As the candle burns, it fills the room with a soft, natural scent, turning your massage into a truly immersive experience that engages your sense of smell. The scents used in our candles have been carefully selected for their relaxing and mood enhancing properties, adding an extra dimension to your massage.

A candle massage is a multi-sensory experience, an indulgent treat for anyone in need of relaxation and rejuvenation. The combination of heat, touch and scent creates a deeply relaxing environment that helps to reduce stress, relieve muscle tension and leave you feeling calm and centred. Experience the enveloping warmth and tantalising scents of a candle massage at Na Thai Spa today.

Our candle massages

Type of roomTimePrice
Single room60 minutes€ 85,00
Single room90 minutes€ 120,00
Single room120 minutes€ 150,00
Dual room
(2 persons / 2 beds in 1 room)
60 minutes€ 150,00
Dual room
(2 persons / 2 beds in 1 room)
90 minutes€ 220,00
Dual room
(2 persons / 2 beds in 1 room)
120 minutes€ 280,00

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Das beste Massage Studio in Amsterdam! Nach einer 60 Min Massage fühlt man sich wie ein neuer Mensch, sie wissen genau wo die Schmerzpunkte sind und haben magische Hände, vor allem "En" :) Einen warmen Tee gibt es zum Abschluss auch Freue mich bald wieder zu kommen!
Fiona Pio-Loco
This deep tissue massage was absolutely amazing! I've struggled with persistent muscle soreness in my upper back for a long time, and I've tried several professionals, but this center went above and beyond my expectations. I discovered it through a friend who found relief from their chronic pain here. The overall service is exceptional, the location is convenient, and the quality of the massage is top-notch. I'd give it a perfect 10/10 rating
Erik Hambardzumyan
Wat een fijne plek met lief en behulpzaam personeel. Het was veel meer dan ik had durven verwachten. Masseuse Ann wist precies waar ze moest zijn en wat ik nodig had. Zelf ben ik herstellende van een hersenschudding en ik kwam binnen met best wat hoofdpijn en ging met nieuwe energie en een stuk minder pijn weer weg! Ik ga zeker terugkomen. Ann, bedankt!
Brigit Biersteker
Wonderful, kind service.
Larissa Chanduvi Kozlova
Best massage ever
eliane limon
My husband and I had a great experience with our thai oil massage. We had been in Amsterdam for a few days and with us walking around so much, our legs and back were so tight. The therapists were knowledgable about pressure points and were able to help us stretch and massage away the pain. The only regret was that we should have gone when we first landed after our long flight and then again before we leave!
Vanvisa Nolintha
Fab massage, booked last minute on the day.
Graham Wells
The service was great and such a good value. Highly recommend.
Michael Glickman
I came out of my massage feeling fresh and new. I could tell that the therapist was being specific and paying attention to the areas of my body that really needed it. Its true that it hurt a little but it was very worth it!!! If you want a real massage I recommend this very much
Kaine Mcdaid
Had a pleasant Thai massage
Andrew Er (Xyrenus)

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